Tips on How to Buy and Wear a White Undershirt

A white undershirt is arguably the most preferred undershirt among modern men. Some men do not consider the importance of undershirts. This is because some men are unaware of the importance of undershirts and they end up destroying their dress shirts and image. Fortunately, you show people who see you that you are smatter by wearing undershirts. A good undershirt will always protect your dress shirt against damage by sweat and bad odors. This is usually the case for undershirts that are coated with products that keep bad odors away. Undershirts can be worn with other garments including quality sweaters. It also acts as an additional layer that enhances comfort while keeping you warm. A good undershirt will keep your body from being seen by other people. This is very important especially if you have chest air and nipples.

Pairing undershirts with shirts

An important rule is to always wear your undershirt under a button-down dress shirt. You can add a sweater on top of that. There are seamless versions that exist for comfort-wary people. V-neck style undershirts are recommended because they do not pop up when worn with nice-fitting dress shirts. They are available in different sizes from which you can pick the one to purchase depending on the width of your neck and shoulder.

Buy a nice-fitting undershirt

The opening of your undershirt should be of almost the same size with the color of the shirt that you will wear on top of the undershirt. This ensures that the undershirt and chest hair will not be visible at any time. Your undershirt should never appear at the shirt’s bottom. If this happens, it will give you an extremely sloppy appearance. Remember that undershirts have varying sizes and there is no standardized size. Therefore, be careful to ensure that you get an undershirt that you can easily tuck in and remain that way throughout the day.

Choose the right color

There are different colors to choose from when it comes to buying undershirts. However, white is the most reliable and preferred color though it is easily stained. It is ideal for wearing with dress shirts of different colors. Nevertheless, you should keep your undershirt clean all the time because you do not want to ruin your image in case the undershirt shows and people see the stains in it.

Consider the fabrics

Undershirts are made of different fabrics including cotton. Cotton is preferred by most people due to its standard weight. It also provides good insulation and it is delicate. If you are looking for an undershirt that will add an excellent layer of your clothing during the cold season, choose a cotton undershirt.


To ensure that your undershirt maintains its white color, store it separately. It should be folded neatly to ensure that it does not have wrinkles that can show on the top layer of the dress shirt.

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